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This is the second game I have created with my friends at another game jam. This time we went to the PTBO game jam in Peterbrough Ontario Canada. The theme of the game was "Alternative Facts", we decided to go with an alternative world type game with reversed information, such as reversed gravity and player swap. Like the past game jam this game ha multiplayer, however we have 2 different versions where 1 is a 2 player game and the other is a 4 player game. This time around we had an artist who created all of our art assets, and she did an unbelievable job with in the 48 hrs. Both versions are playable, however both games still need a lot more work to be put into it.

During this game jam we faced a lot more problems than the last game jam. First was our scope, the scope of our game was far to large for us to complete within 48 hours. When we did realize it we changed the game idea to what it is now, but we changed the game 30 hrs into the game ham, leaving us with less than 18 hrs to complete the new version of the game. Fortunately the work that we finished prior to the change were able to be merge with the new idea, and saved us some time. Because of what happened the game was rushed cause a large number of bugs in the game. None the less all of us have learned our lessons, and we hope to improve our skills at the next game jam.

Published May 11, 2017

Install instructions

Download the zip and extract the files, open the .exe file and enjoy!


TuberTyrants 2p.zip 42 MB
TuberTyrants 4p.zip 43 MB